Here it is!  This is the costume is our goal.  We thought about what we could do for the high school that all the students would enjoy.  And this is it.  If you've watched the video that's posted on Facebook you can see how much enthusiasm this costume can bring to a pep rally, football, basketball, softball, tennis, track and field or soccer game.  It can be used in parades and at any school event.

Remember all the fond memories you have of going to these games.   So let's make this happen for these kids.  The school is excited about the prospect of getting a new costume, both students and faculty are thrilled that we'd be willing to do this.  So let's do it!  

The donations are set up in increments of $10.00.  You can use your debit or credit card right here on this site.  It's secure.  Mark Newman is making sure of that.  If you don't want to contribute online then you can send us a check. We will also be adding the money made from the Silent Auction to this fundraiser so hopefully between donations and auction proceeds will make this happen for these kids.  Thanks in advance for your generosity.

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$ 580

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"I hope this will help towards the eagle costume, l will always treasure my memories from Carroll high & Hope the Kids in the future will too!❤️"
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