Class of 76’ Fund Raiser

            We've given it some thought and have decided that we would like to have a fundraiser to give something back to Carroll High.  We discussed a couple of ideas for the use of the money and here’s what we’re thinking.   Money is usually raised for a scholarship fund but we decided that we’d like to raise money for something that all the students could enjoy not just one or two.  So we decided that we would raise money for an Eagle Mascot costume.   It’s something that could be used at all the different sporting events and school functions.   Currently they have a costume but it’s very old and worn so it’s not really used. 
               I spoke with Heather Langford, the basketball cheerleading coach, who spoke with the administration and they are thrilled to be getting a new costume.  Take a look below at the costume we’ll be purchasing and at the video.  The video is the mascot at Northside High School in Warner Robins, GA.   It’s amazing how much fun and energy a mascot can bring to an event. 
                1st We’re going to hold a blind auction.  We have so many talented students in this class and we’re calling on them to donate art work of any sort.  We have metal artist, painters, quilters, wood workers, designers, etc.   We need your help to make this happen.
                2nd We’re asking for donations.  Not everyone is an artist but just about everyone can afford to donate a few dollars for the cause.  We are also accepting donations in the memory of the Class of 76 Fallen Angels; I can’t think of a better way to remember them and make them a part of the reunion than to make a donation in their name.
                3rd We’re asking for donations from within the community.  We will be asking for monetary donations as well as merchandise.
We will be posting items donated on the website in the next couple months so that you can go ahead and make your bids prior to the reunion and then of course at the reunion where they will be available for viewing.  We will also be displaying a progress report on meeting our goal.

Class of 76’ Reunion Committee